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In front of the camera

This section is for performers and those wanting to improve their skills and action film knowledge

If you don't have direct access to a stunt school or stunt crew or just want to increase your skill set then you will like our action tutorials and personal and professional development

You can request a tutorial for a skill you want to learn and we will go and shoot it

Behind the camera

This section is for the creative and hands on set production crew 

Do you write and have a great action script? Connect with the crews and get your film made

AMSTV is always looking for our next action movie and your script might just be the one we all work on

Behind the scenes

This section is for the business end of film making

People may not know your face but they know your name

Looking to get investment or to invest in a project, we have you covered

Do you have a short action or feature film and want it to be making you more

Action Talk

Chatting about action movie related topics

How to become an Action Star

Tips and tricks to help save you time and money in our exclusive book


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