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Resilience leads to success

The resilience to keep going leads to success.

We all know it. The film industry is brutal. It is full of knock backs and doors closing. It has to be there are only so many projects and only so many roles available. Someone has to miss out and that someone is all of us. Some take it a little harder than others and some quit all together, but when you land the gig and the friendships and fun you have on set becomes a memory, it is all worth the knock backs.

If you spend time studying anyone who has achieved success they all have one thing in common. they had the ability to take the setbacks in their stride and to keep on going. This is resilience through the ability to endure anything and to move on and not let it drag you down

In a world surrounded with the mentality of the victim and trophies for participation we can see that it has removed the ability for some to endure lifes set backs and to move on. Some people have never developed the skills for resilience, because they never...

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Stop breathing - You are dead

The other day I took a gig as a dead body in a movie.

Action peeps will always have to die on screen or play a fallen bad guy for a dead body shot.

It seems like an easy thing to do but there are different ways to die and you may have to stay perfectly still for an extended period of time and this includes not breathing. This time can be a minute, so can you hold your breath for the time. 

Let's firstly tackle the question of what happens when you hold your breath and what the side effects can be

Here’s what happens to your body when you hold your breath. The times are approximate depending on your fitness level and level of breath training you have achieved:

When they are calling for the cameras to roll I breath in and out deeply two or three times. Then I breath in but not a full breath but more like three quarters and then breath out a little before action is called. I use the breathing out to find a comfortable lung and body position I can hold for at least a minute...

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Your showreel isn't a meal, you can eat desert first


What is the number one biggest mistake actors make when it comes to showreels?

It seems logical for you to ease people into who you are and you slowly show them the awesome skills you have. 

You want them to get to know you and see how attractive you are, then you want to start to show them your range and then you want to finish with your best work. If you are acting then your most dramatic or charismatic footage and if you are an action actor your best skills last so that they really remember you.

Sounds about right? 

Well it's completely wrong.

You aren't eating a meal where you eat the stable first to get through the meat and potatoes and those greens your parents always made you eat and then get to the delicious desert. 

Nobody has time to get to know you. Everybody is too busy and you are just one of hundreds of showreels they have to look at that day. They just want to book the best person for the gig and they want to narrow it down as fast as possible.


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Don't leave movie off the action search

Ever looked up action on the internet to find that action movie, actor or info how to get into the action film industry.

I know I did and what comes up is things like action plan or take action, you get the picture. So I got to thinking about why action movies got called that. Was it just that there is action on the screen.

The Beginnings:

This film genre actually began with the silent era's serial films around the time of Edwin S. Porter's classic action-western The Great Train Robbery (1903), and it has remained strong throughout all of cinematic history. Action films then expanded in the 80s and 90s, with the growth of special effects tech (https://www.filmsite.org/actionfilms.html)

Yes probably but I think it has evolved into a more socially and business definition of action.

Now before you right me off as being crazy hear me out. 

This is a definition of a business action plan.

An action plan is a checklist for the steps or tasks you need to complete in...

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How to cut a Movie Trailer that sells


Do most filmmakers get it wrong?

Is your trailer an after thought and once you have shot the film you then decide that you need a trailer because that is what you do.

Have you really considered what a movie trailer actually does?

As a filmmaker you tell a story and many cut a trailer that tells the same story that is in the trailer and after watching the trailer you realise that you now know the story and understand that all the best bits have been condensed into the 2 min trailer, so then you only watch the film if it has an actor you really like, but here is the key. You may not be a big Hollywood producer, so chances are most people wont know anyone in your film if you are independent.

What your trailer actually does is to sell the movie to sales agent, distributors and the audience. It is a sales tool and not designed to tell the whole story but to get people interested into watching the movie.

It is as sales pitch so treat it like that and know your market. Yes the story...

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What is the Superman Dilma

Let's chat about characters and tension in movies.

What makes a hero character someone that you are invested in?

We love a strong hero, they have to be strong because they are more than a normal human. They can jump higher and fight harder and they need to be smarter. They are the Hero, if they are just like us then they are an extra and who wants to watch a movie about extras...oh wait there is a couple of great films about the lives of extras and even a TV show. However we are talking about the main hero character here.

The hero should have a solid moral status like Batman who never kills and with the exception of Deadpool, who is a self proclaimed anti-hero. We want them to be better than us. We want them to make the choices that us normies wouldn't make because of their strength of character. After all integrity is what you do when no one is watching (ignore the cast and crew on set, lol)

Is there a risk for the Hero?

Thor as indestructible as he is can still have his eye ripped...

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Action Directors in the edit suite


Directors and Editors it's time we had a heart to heart from the Action Directors

We love you and we love that you want to make action movies or have great action in a dramatic film but there is something that we really need to talk about.

The one thing that hurts action directors is not being invited into the edit suite to assist with the action sequence. We get it that it is a budgetary thing but I can almost say with 100% certainty that most of us would happily tag a edit day into the cost of having us involved in the project. If you don't have the budget then getting us in on post makes even more sense as we want the action to look amazing as that is the job we do. Who doesn't want to finish a job.

Imagine being a landscape gardener and you've removed all the rubbish and brought in what you needed and rebuilt that yard and you've dug all the holes and the turf is ready to lay and then you get sent home. Your job ends and someone else comes in and finishes it, even though they...

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Filmmakers get 100%

Free movie hosting and streaming and 100% of the profits.

Well minus bank charges, but you keep the rest. We don't want it, we want you to have it.

We were doing a 70/30 split in favour of producers but you know what, we have changed our minds and that is the awesome thing about being outside of the system and having your own system. We can keep changing how we do things to make it better for our members and community.

Yes you have to be a member to have your film up but you can be a free member, we just need to have your contact details and work out how we will pay you. It's really that simple.

Why would we give away 30% profit? What's in it for us?

We are a membership and education channel and we have many resources available for members to use for free including, film paperwork (over 75 documents), free stock footage, free special effects, free products to help develop personal and business skill, free action and stunt tutorials, yearly free upgrade to their show reels, free...

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No stunts after lunch!

Come on seriously we are begging you, stop scheduling stunts straight after lunch.


We are hungry too and now we cant eat much if any in case it makes us sick during the action.

You try doing 100 back flips or throw yourself on the ground 50 times with a full belly.

How can we get around this travesty?

Schedule us into the production as a skill set requirement. This happens because the stunt team and action department are tough with a can do attitude, so production doesn't think too much about it because we will get on with the job and just do what needs to be done. 

OK calm down and breath...it's OK i'm fine.

Let's really talk about this though because it has happened on nearly every film I have worked on and the other stunties in the action crews know exactly what I mean when I say that we would love it if we could work together on this.

Action people are used to training in the morning or on a relatively empty stomach. Scheduling in the morning for fighting action...

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When should you walk away from a project

It's a tough decision but let's get the safety aspect out of the way.

If they are not being safe and they are wanting things to be done or performed in a way that puts you or others at harm then you should not be in that project. Ultimately we all make the decisions if we think we can do a stunt or not and we are ultimately the final ones to decide if the safety protocol has been met. If you are not sure then don't do it and put more measures in place.

Make sure that the action is right for you. Just because someone else can do something doesn't mean you can also do it.

I have a set of three criteria to decide to be in a project or not.

1 - Money - If I am being offered so much money that I can put up with a few issues then I take the job but then I make it as safe as possible or distance myself from those on set that I may not want to be associated with. You know the ones to avoid if you have been in this game long enough. Watch the ones who talk about others to you because you...

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